Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fantazia Returns to Braehead - 30-09-2006

We confirmed the next date some time ago and have released part of the line up to the forum crew. The reaction is fairly mixed, but it was for the first one to. I guess you cant ever pleased everyone, unless you had 5 arenas on for 3 days.

We will continue to work on adding maybe some more old skool acts, and the first of those was classic favourite Ellis Dee, famous for his end of night sets at Fantazia Summertime and New Year 92 etc.

I dont think we have ever had more than 6 months to organise an event. Feels like loads of time, but I am sure it will disappear all to quickly.

Priority for now, besides the line up, will be sorting the event name, flyer and attractions on the night. Any suggestions great fully received! We have some topics on the forum that people can contribute to, including one for flyer design. Some are suprisingly good.......

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