Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mud Glorious Mud, oh and some raving

Just returned from the Sanctuary 07 festival and as feared the weather was awful. The rain came down pretty much all Saturday, day and night, turning the site into a river of mud. After many months of planning it was very disappointing to see that hard work tarnished with something out of those involveds hands....

But in true rave fashion people just carried on dancing until the bitter end. Its amazing how many girls were still walking around in just bikini outfits and their fluffy boots (all be it mud caked), they must have been freezing. I was wearing 3 layers and I still didnt get warm. Can you believe it was the 1st of July?

After so much planning the guys at SV promised to me that they would be back to do it all again next year. If the weather holds off it shouldn't be missed.

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