Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Only 1 month to go until Clash of the Titans

Not long now until Clash of the Titans. I am getting really excited about this one should be an amazing night and in fact I shall be making a weekend of it in Glasgow. So where to go on the Friday night....Your suggestions please...

Got an email from Mike Cosford yesterday and it was nice to catch up. For those that don't remember Mike, he had been involved in Fantazia from very early on, first as DJ Mike C playing in our Love Lounge rooms at the big events and then later as our A&R man on the albums as well as turning a hand to mixing quite a lot of the discs to.

His credits run from the First Taste to House Collection 6. Plus did you also know that even before getting involved with us he ran his own rave company Incantation which put on a number of illegal and legal raves around 1990. So a real trend setter. Anyway he is coming out of retirement and I look forward to being able to add him to the billing at future Fantazia's. Do check out his Fantazia mixes before then to see what you have to look forward to.

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