Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Allstars - Another huge sellout event

Once again another amazing event. Our 5th sell out event at Braehead in a row. We were joined on the night by many of the biggest names in hardcore and rave music plus some select big name house DJs in arena 4. We love this venue and we love the mainly Scottish crowd. There were some problems getting people through the age checks on the doors but I am sure this will not be a problem next time now people know the score (even though it was written on the tickets !). Its funny on the previous events people moaned about the under age people that got past the police, this time with very strictly enforced id check people have also moaned, I guess it just proves you cant please every one every time, especially when hosting 8000+ people.

The authorities all seem to be pleased however which mean we should be back later this year, and it will be time to bring out something special, your suggestions please....

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