Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fantazia @ Gatecrasher Summer Sound System May 08

Its exciting news, Fantazia looks like it will be hosting 2 arenas at this Mays Gatecrasher Summer Sound System to be held in Northants. This 2 day festival will feature sounds from the last 20 years of Acid House music and it is only fitting that Fantazia should host the classic old skool / rave arena due to the massive parties we put on in 92/93 as well as a another arena celebrating House music after our success of telling more than 2 million albums fronted by the likes of Jeremy Healy and Allister Whitehead.

This is going to be one hectic years for Fantazia, with likely 4 large events in Scotland, 2 festivals (The Sanctuary Festival in August as well) and plans for more stuff to come. Rave really is back and Fantazia is once again at the fore front of it all. We think that the way it should be a long may in continue.... now where is my tent...

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