Friday, July 04, 2008

Website Road Map - New Video Clips

Fantazia You Tube Videos

We have a long list of items we want to add to and improve on the Fantazia website to make it the place for rave music and parties on the net. This forms a road map of things that we have to do and we are attempting to complete them all in stages.

Latest initial implementation is the change over finally of the videos footage on the site from Real player streams to You Tube player. We originally used Real as it allowed the footage to be compressed and therefore use little bandwidth and therefore accesible to those on dial up. These days most people have broadband so its time to switch.

We haven't added much footage yet, but we will soon.....!

Coming next on the road map?

Completion of the Club Wear Shop
Add more Rave Flyer Scans
Addition of Glow Products to the site
Ibiza Section
New Top Trumps Games
Profiles on the Record Companies

and the list goes on...!

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