Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fantazia Anniversary & Rave event details update

2011 is Fantazia's 20th Anniversary. To celebrate we will be running special features, competitions and raves during the year, do make sure you take part in some of these by attending an event we hold or by participating or commenting with some of your memories. If you have not already done so and you are on Facebook join the Fantazia group.

Who would have thought back in 1991 we would still be holding rave parties 20 years later and creating that special atmosphere that only Fantazia ravers can.. 

This 23rd April we will be holding a 20th Birthday party at Kings Hall, Stoke-on-Trent. Join 2000 fellow ravers for a very special Fantazia night. Early bird tickets are only £15+ BF until the 1st February. Headline acts include Ratpack, Ellis Dee, Jumping Jack Frost, Sy, SL2, Pilgrim, Robbie Dee, Ribbz, Man Parris, Energy, Vinyljunkie, XTC and more. Full flyer releases on the 1st February. Buy tickets from:

If any of you work in publishing, radio, TV or have your own website and want to do a story about Fantazia, the Rave scene or dance music, we would love to help with interviews, comments, profiles by email, phone or video..

Below you will find some interesting facts about Fantazia to get you started: 

Fantazia are the biggest brand in rave music and still put on many large events to this day. We think your readers would be interested to hear more about the height of the rave scene (not just the M25 days) and we would be happy to do an interview, biography, competition, giveaway or something else with your mag. Fantazia held the record for the largest ever single arena rave (25,000 Donnington 1992), Largest indoor rave (12,000 SECC 1993), largest single arena house event (12,000 G-mex 1997), we also featured on the ITN News, front page of the News of the World, Sun, Telegraph etc etc 

Our record company sold several million compilation and those including the gold selling House collection and Club Classics now sell for large amount £30-50. 

Our website is the largest in the UK on the past and present rave/hardcore scene. It has profiles on much of the scene and is very informative. We have done a series of sell out 8000 people events in Scotland over the last few years and have a 2000 people party in Stoke on our actual birthday. 


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