Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hardcore Heaven Weekender cancelled is this a rave dip?

Sad news that Slammin Vinyl have been forced to cancel the Hardcore Heaven Weekender that was due to have at Pontins next month.    At short notice you have to wonder whether the official explanation is correct or whether ticket sale had been poor.

The rave scene has been going for 20 years or more (hence our Anniversary celebrations this year) and during this time is has had many ups and downs and seems to work in 5 year cycles of popularity.  Is this the next drop?  How you explain these cycles is interesting... is it a generation thing?  After 5 years of raving doing the current crop of ravers get bored of doing the same thing?  After all the DJ and music whilst evolving some over time does not really change that much and there is only so many different venues, lasers, productions etc that you can put into a venue to make each different.   Or is just in tandem with the economy.  The demographic of raves is varied but a large proportion are working class and in times of tight money or no jobs can people just not afford to go out to raves as often?

The scene will undoubtable recover.  People love the free expression and just sheer fun of rave parties that no other type of event can match and in some ways maybe a quiet time forces the artists to be more creative and try new things and DJs will inevitably be forced to drop there fees enabling the promoters to lower the ticket prices and make the events more accessible.

The cycle will continue!

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