Thursday, December 21, 2006

Xmas is here - plus MC Techno

Its that merry time again. Crazy shopping for me has just started. 50% done, though this year online shopping has made things somewhat easier (and probably cheaper).

Looking forward to a well earnt week off, especially since falling the other day and breaking a few ribbs (ouch - and I wasnt drunk at the time!).

Oh and the Xmas pressie for all you old ravers out there is that we have added MC Scratchmaster to the line up for the Showtime up. He is one of the original and best MCs from back in the day and has been out of the scene for some considerable time.

Its going to be a treat to see him, I hope you agree! Dont confuse this with the chap who has a very similiar name but has only been around for a few years,

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