Thursday, June 07, 2007

Polls are back @ Fantazia

Its great news as I always loved these on the original Fantazia site when it first started and that the Rave Polls are back! Yes thats right. They were removed originally from the site due to problems with the Poll provider, but now we have found one we are happy with again, so they have return and there are more than ever.

We have added many news ones and I hope people will take the time to vote and it is always very interesting to see the battles commence between which are your favourite DJ, MC, PA, venue etc etc.

Only 1 of the polls has retained its votes and that which is yur fav old skool DJ from 91/92. Easygroove is leading the pack, but not by much.

As you would expect from our recent large event the Scottish crowd have got in to back their favourites but I am sure the rest of England will not take long to catch up.

Great fun and a real insite to the rave scene we love :)

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